I think it’s time to jump out of my comfort zone. All of the projects I’ve done so far have been low risk and not really time pressured. They tick money over but they’ve not yet enabled me to take the leap away from the rat race and work for myself full time.

I think half the reason is because I don’t actually want to work for myself. I don’t actually want to work for anyone. In an ideal world I’d create things or do things that I enjoy doing and get paid as a consequence. It might sound far-fetched but there’s no reason why it can’t be that way.

I’m not talking about being lazy. When you’re creating or doing something you love you can spend countless of hours being productive without it ever feeling like work.

The other half of the reason is a type of fear of failure. Not the fear of failing itself or looking stupid for doing so. Important lessons can be learned from failing at something that let you come back stronger and more efficient. And anyone that thinks you look stupid for giving something a go is an idiot. Taking the plunge in anything is a daunting (but usually very exciting) feat that not many people will ever do. I’ve got all the respect in the world for anyone that’s taken the plunge in something that they think will improve their (and their family’s) lives.

I suffer from the fear of wasting a lot of precious time and energy on something that doesn’t end up adding any value to my life. The very problem I’m trying to solve is that I get very little free time and the thought of wasting a huge chunk of it on something that doesn’t amount to anything is a really painful thought!

That’s why I plod along, biting off chunks of projects that I know I can chew. Projects that I know will succeed in some form even if it’s not going to produce life changing results.

The ironic thing is that all this time I spend procrastinating, trying to think of that one big idea that won’t fail, I could have started twenty risky projects, they might have all failed but who knows, one might have changed my life forever.

So by not taking the plunge I’ve done the exact same think I was afraid of. Wasted a whole heap of precious time.

I think it’s time to take a leap of faith. Time to step out of my comfort zone!

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